The Jewellery Museum Alexandria

The Jewellery Museum Alexandria, located at 27 Ahmed Yahya Street in Alexandria,

is one of the largest museums in all of Egypt.

Filled with fantastic art and jewelry handed from Egyptian royalty such as Mohammed Ali,

The Royal Jewellery Museum Alexandria is a valuable piece of heritage in both artistic and historical terms.

The history of the museum started in 1919 when it was originally the palace of Princess Fatima Al-Zahraa Haidar,

of the Egyptian royal family, daughter of Lady Zeinab Fahmy, and Prince Prince Ali Heidar Shanassy.

Amongst some of the museums, roughly 11,000 pieces of fine jewelry include royal badges with King Farouk’s name, inlaid with diamonds.

Other parts of King Farouk’s collection are his ebony walking stick,

and the magnificent jewelry collection of Farouk’s wife, Queen Farida.

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