Saqqara is one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt, containing monuments constructed over more than three thousand years. The earliest were mastabas of the pharaohs of the 1st dynasty and the latest structures date to Greco-Roman and even to Christians times. Sakkara position: Desert sands surround it till today’s archaeological site of Saqqara, located […]

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City of Memphis

Ancient Egyptian history divided into thirty dynasties, from Menes to Alexander the Great, by an Egyptian priest called Manetho, in the reign of Ptolemy 2nd, 285 to 247B.C. The dynasties do not always follow genealogical order; they sometimes present a politico-religious change. However, the thirty dynasties have grouped into three Great Periods which are clearly […]

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Giza city and Giza Plateau

Giza city and Giza plateau Giza city: Giza city contains the first pyramid in the world also it contains the greatest and biggest pyramids. Giza plateau is the most famous place in Giza, it contains Giza pyramids, which considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Giza city it’s one of the important provinces […]

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Dahshur is the site of Memphis necropolis, it contains a lot of pyramids and tombs, but it destroyed also, it includes the three pyramids of king Senefru, the founder of the 4th dynasty. It’s 10 km south of Saqqara, Senefru king he was the founder of the 4th dynasty he first started to build his […]

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Wadi El Rayan

Wadi El Rayan : Protected area. Wadi Al Rayan is waterfalls where one lake drains into the other one. It lies between the upper and lower lakes. It’s 42 k, below the sea level.

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