The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is the most important museum in Egypt as it contains the best monuments from the pre-dynastic period,

archaic period and the pharaonic era.

It also contains the masterpieces for the ancient Egyptian kings and queens.

As well as it contain the mummy rooms that contains the royal mummies for the most famous kings and queens.

The museum also has the collection of the most famous king Tut Ankh Amen.

It has about 250,000 pieces, it consist of two floors and divided into rooms.

After you finish this museum you will be able to understand the ancient Egyptian history, culture, art, schools, language, and the mummification process.

There is a gallery in front of the museum exit if you want to get souvenirs.

There is an ATM, restaurant and café.

You have to wear comfortable shoes you will take about 2 to 4 hours inside this museum and it’s better to be with a guide to explain for you everything.

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