Saqqara is one of the richest archaeological sites in Egypt, containing monuments constructed over more than three thousand years.

The earliest were mastabas of the pharaohs of the 1st dynasty and the latest structures date to Greco-Roman and even to Christians times.

Sakkara position:

Desert sands surround it till today’s archaeological site of Saqqara, located on the western bank of the Nile about 20 km south of Cairo.

On the same limestone plateau that extends north to Giza to Saqqara is the principal necropolis of Memphis.

Memphis was the ancient capital located on the western side of the Nile.

The new name derived from the name of the mortuary deity Sokar.

Sakkara is a vast area stretching almost 22 km from north to south and about 7 km from east to the western desert.

Saqqara history:

Saqqara had an extremely long history as it was used as a royal metropolis as early as the first and second dynasties.

It continued to be a burial place for supreme royal officials and dignitaries, as well as for the Apis bulls sacred to Ptah.

Ptah was the principal deity during the Eighteen and Nineteenth dynasties of the new kingdom.

Indeed during this period, even though Thebes was the capital of the Egyptian empire.

Memphis once again became extremely important as a commercial and industrial center.

A period in which several tombs with bottomless shafts dug, such as those situated south-west of the pyramids of Unas.

The history of the Egyptian pyramids began from around 2650B.C, in the site of Saqqara also contains several other smaller monuments.

This confirms developmental patterns in the history of the first pyramid in Saqqara, and after that, the largest and most beautiful old kingdom private tombs all over Egypt built here.

Sakkara features:

Saqqara It was the original cemetery of the former capital of Egypt, Memphis.

Sakkara include the oldest stone structure in the world which is known as Sakkara complex or the step pyramid,
It dates back to the ancient kingdom 3rd dynasty, the most famous architect Imhotep build it.

Sakkara has the most beautiful decorated tombs in Giza.

The old kingdom, middle kingdom, new kingdom,
late period, and Greco Roman period and there is still much we dose not discover them.

The excavations continue, and each season more treasure found.

It has a layout that runs east-west and is based on an initial raised square Mastaba about 8 m high.

The pyramid of Unas is the last king,
who is the owner of the most beautiful monument in the old kingdom.

This pyramid, which was once proudly called beautiful, is the cult places of Unas.

Now, look like a small heap of stones covered in the shadow of the step pyramid near the south-west corner of the step pyramid.

What you can do in Saqqara :

  • They just opened the pyramid of Saqqara itself; you can go inside it.
  • You will visit all the complex.
  • Get inside the beautiful tombs and Saqqara pyramids.
  • Visit the museum of the most famous architect Imhotep.
  • You can visit the school of handmade carpets.

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