Old Cairo

Old Cairo is one of the most important places to visit as it was the first Islamic Capital of Egypt.

It’s better known with the multi-religion complex and Al-Fustat.

Al Fustat was built by the Muslim army leader Amr Ibn Al-Aas from about 1365 years ago,

they took one year to build it, it was overlooking to the Nile.

It’s known by the multi-religion complex because there is the first mosque in Egypt, about 7 churches and Jewish temple,

so there is a collection of the three holly religion Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

You can see in this area also the most famous hanging church it’s the most beautiful church in Egypt,

also there is a Coptic museum it contains the collections of Christian era and the ruins of some monasteries and churches.

It’s a local area nowadays there are a lot of people living there also restaurants, local cafes and markets.

In Old Cairo you will walk like Egyptians between their houses that inside the historical site.

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