Islamic Cairo

Islamic Cairo most important sites 

Khan el Khalili is one of the most interesting bazaars, not only in Egypt but also in the whole Middle East.

It is famous for its unusual, typically oriental souvenirs, and handmade crafts.

It dates back to the Fatimid period, it was the 4th Islamic capital it was called Cairo,

Islamic Cairo has a lot of mosques also it has complexes and hospital from the same era,

many buildings in this area from 600 years ago and still exist.

As for now, it is a great tourist attraction at which you can get Egyptian souvenirs such as the jewellery boxes made out of mother of pearl, handmade carpets, papyrus, T-shirts, silver, gold and essence.

In this area you will know more about Islam and Muslims you will see the best mosques, shops and bazaars,

also you will try the traditional food and drink the Egyptian tea in a local coffee shop.

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