Dahshur is the site of Memphis necropolis, it contains a lot of pyramids and tombs, but it destroyed also,

it includes the three pyramids of king Senefru, the founder of the 4th dynasty.

It’s 10 km south of Saqqara, Senefru king he was the founder of the 4th dynasty he first started to build his royal tomb near the capital.

He attempted to build such a pure complete pyramid; he wanted it to be higher than any other monument built both in his exterior design and in his interior corridors and galleries.

The bent pyramid built on a square ground plan of 188m. On each side.

The pyramid had one entrance on the northern side, and another entry on the western side, the function of which is not clear.

The rising angel of the pyramid is 54 degrees, but this angle did not correspond to the square ground plan.

If the pyramid was to continue with this angle, then it will be collapsed.

Senefru learned the weak points from this southern pyramid, while the work still in progress, senefru started to build another pyramid 2 km. to the north of it.

This northern pyramid built on a ground plan of 220 m. on each side, with a rising angle of 430 40′, nearly the same increasing edge of the southern pyramid in its upper section.

This northern pyramid only had one entrance that leads to 3 burial chambers.

The total height of this pyramid is 99m.

To the east of the Northern pyramid, Senefru built tombs for his sons and daughters, also for his priests and high officials.

Senefru’s wife Hetep-Heres, built her tomb at Dahshur.

Unfortunately, this tomb robbed, therefore it was transferred by her son Cheops to Giza; he also moved objects and furniture too.

Now, these objects are on display in the Egyptian museum.

Senefru was a great man of achievements and was a kind king, beloved from a subject.

In the 12th dynasty, when Senefru deified, the kings of that dynasty chose Dahshur to be the place where to build their pyramids, to be buried close to Senefru, and they considered this area as sacred.

Senefru was mentioned in the Westcar papyrus in a way showing him very decent, kind, and good manners.

During the reign of Senefru, art flourished, evident by the reliefs of his temple and the reliefs from tombs dating to his reign, either at Dahshur or at Meidum.

Senefru is said to have had 40 sons; he put the authority in their hands as a sort of centralized bureaucratic government.

In this area of Dahshur,

You will see the Bent pyramid; it was the first attempt for the king to build a pure pyramid instead of the step pyramid.

Also, you can see the most famous Dahshur pyramid, and you can get inside it to view the internal design of the monument as it’s fantastic from inside. Still, you have to go up for 65 meters and then get down the same distance to go to the first room; you will see the ceiling of the pyramid looks like a smooth step taken the shape of the monument from outside.

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