Cairo was the 4th Islamic capital in Egypt after Al-Fustat, Al-Askar, and Al-Qataie.

the Fatimid army leader Gawhar Al-Saqlabi build it for the Muslims who were of shiaa sect build it in 969 AD.

In the beginning, Cairo surrounded by an enclosure wall,

it was a royal city, and it had two great palaces, now this area still exists but not the capital of Egypt anymore, Nowadays Cairo is the biggest province in Egypt and also the capital.

There is a lot of places to visit there also there is a lot of activities, so if you are in Cairo, don’t miss to do it like:

Egyptian museum.

Tahrir Square

Old Cairo

Islamic Cairo (khan el Khalily bazaars, Cairo)

Food tour

The Islamic museum

The citadel of Saladin

Garbage city and St. Simon Monastery

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