Alexandria was founded in the name of Alexander the Great, it’s the second biggest province in Egypt,
it’s about 2 hours 30 minutes from Cairo, there is an airport in Alexandria.

It was the capital of Egypt during the Greco-Roman period,
the location of Alexandria was selected for its proximity to Lake Mareoits and Pharos Island.

There is no more impressive reflection of the achievements of the Greeks in Egypt than the great city of Alexandria. It consisted of five districts.

Alexander the Great he chose this site to be the seat of the empire because it’s a strategic site as it well protected from the north by sea,

from the south by Mareotis Lake, from the east by the western branch of the Nile and from the west by the desert.

It has one of the best beaches in Egypt.

There are a lot of activities you can do there like:

  • Swimming
  • Sea activities
  • Fishing
  • You can take tour with Day Tour Bus

There are many interesting places to visit in Alexandria like:

  • The catacombs
  • Pompey’s pillar
  • The citadel
  • library of Alexandria
  • The roman theatre
  • Munatzah palace
  • The Greco Roman museum
  • The national museum
  • The jewelry museum
  • El Shatby cemetery
  • The mammisi
  • The temple of Esna
  • Temple of Dendera
  • The temple of Edfu
  • The tomb of Isadora

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