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Saqqara, Memphis, Giza Plateau and camel ride included lunch

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In Memphis Giza Plateau Tour with camel ride, you are going to understand the ancient and modern culture, traditions, most of the history and style of Egyptians.

Tour to Saqqara, Memphis, Giza Plateau Tour with camel ride included lunch.

Saqqara Pyramids:

It was the first cemetery of the former capital of Egypt Memphis.

It’s also the site of many tombs through the 1st and 2nd dynasties most of the graves decorated with daily life scenes.

It includes the oldest stone structure in the world, which is known as Saqqara complex or the step pyramid; it dates back to the ancient kingdom 3rd dynasty, it built by the most famous architect Imhotep.

Memphis City:

It was the first capital of Egypt during the Pharaonic era.

However, Memphis was the chosen headquarters of Menes, who united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt and founded the 1st dynasty.

The town is famous for its beautiful palm trees which were used by the locals to create goods such as furniture, baskets and mats.

Memphis, Giza Plateau Tour with camel ride included lunch.

Giza Plateau:

It’s the most famous place in Giza; it contains Giza pyramids which considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

It consists of 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure from the old kingdom.

Also, there are many small satellite pyramids known as Queens’ pyramids and also contains the great sphinx.

In this area, you can testify the power of the pharaonic religion and state.

Now we would give you a brief idea about Giza:

However, Giza, it’s one of the essential provinces in Egypt that has a lot of Pharaonic monuments.

It used as the necropolis of Egypt during the pharaonic era; for that reason, you will find a lot of tombs and pyramids.

Also, there are many other places you can visit in Giza:

  • Dahshur pyramids
  • Attend to the sound and light show.
  • Ride with horse and camel.
  • Quad ride.
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